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Credit Secrets Review

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Credit Repair SecretsToday, I want to share with you my review of the Credit Secretsmethod; the book which will allow you to get your credit score back and help you with your financial future.

You are here to get answers, so let’s hurry and give you some!

What’s is Credit Secrets?

To put it simply, Credit Secrets puts credit reports and scores back under your control. The book teaches you all about breaking the rules of the game, convincing creditors that having nothing to do with you is in both of your best interests.

We all know it: Poor Credit Is a Stingy Thorn In Your Side!

You are looking to take out a loan, maybe you need it to finally buy your own house, but moneylenders keep treating you as if you were a criminal! You know that better ratings could help, but how exactly do you get there?
A few years ago, I was in that boat myself. I was trying to get financing for a car, but my credit score was only slightly above 500. After trying to reason with three loan sharks, all of which asked for interests up to 15% for a vehicle worth a mere 7K$ USD, I was left with no options.

I needed to get out of that situation, so I decided to use my brains. It read several books and even a sit down with an expert, but I finally managed to get out of the pit! I won’t lie, it felt great!
In only a handful of months, my credit score skyrocketed. From the beginning of 2017, I’m at a solid 804 and, in the past five years, I never got below that range.

I understand your skepticism; you want to know exactly HOW I achieved all that. Well, Smart Money Secret contains all that helped me and even more! Even better: I spent a lot to get the hang of it, but today you can too for as little as a few gallons of gas.

How Long Will It Take?

That depends on your situation! For some of us, one day is more than enough; tougher situations will take a little longer. On average, most members see the first score jumps in about 30 days!

What’s All This Chatter About The 11 Secret Words?

Sorry, but they asked me NOT to tell you that. It’s a secret, after all! What I can say is that it is all about the words you’ll use when writing to creditors and the bureaus; the right form to clean up credit reports!

Is The Credit Secrets Method a Scam?

The Company responsible for Smart Money Secret hails out of Las Vegas, in the USA. If they thought it was a scam, the US government would have already jailed anyone involved years ago. Instead, you are shown working tricks that others have known of and exploited for a long time! The book TEACHES you exactly what groups such as Lexington Law charge their customers thousands of dollars for.

Why shell out so much money if you could do the same by yourself and save some cash at the same time? Anyway; enough with the talking! – Let’s see what we’ve got here!

A First-Hand Look Behind The Cover Of The Smart Money Secret

Smart Money Secret is sent to you as a hardcover book. Since the guys behind it are amazing, you are also entitled to a PDF copy of it. Having it on file means that you can read it on laptops, PC, and even your tablets and smartphones!
The text is well written and extremely simple to read. More importantly, when done right, the methods and loopholes described in it will bear their fruits. Banks and credit institutes can do NOTHING to stop you!

Here’s what the structure of this book looks like:

• Chapter 1: Getting Started

Here, you’ll go through the basics. The book tells you what a FICO score is, explains how credit bureaus work and help immediately gets you started with tricks to clean up your Credit Score Report! Three templates for an Inquiry Removal Letter are also available. Just write in your details, and you’re ready to go.

• Chapter 2: Getting Inaccurate / Incomplete / Unfair / Unverifiable Items Removed

A personal favorite of mine. These pages are packed with letter templates that get you out of ! Once more, all you have to do is write down your data and send the letters on their way!

• Chapter 3: Advanced Tactics

I want just to tease this one out: here’s where the big guns come into play!
You’ll read about dealing with public records and voicing your complaints. The chapter also includes more letter types and explains a KILLER loophole to get rid of liens and bankruptcy!

• Chapter 4: Lawsuits

In most cases, this chapter won’t be for you. The pages show you when you should file a lawsuit, teach you to pick your targets, and even tell you how to win a battle. You may never need the knowledge this chapter contains, but it’s always great to be prepared for the worst!

• Chapter 5: ChexSystems Removals

Pretty Self-Explanatory!

• Chapter 6: Student Loans, Repossessions, and HIPAA (Medical Bills & Collections)

• Chapter 7: Advanced Credit Techniques

The pages in this chapter teach you how to keep a good score. You’ll go through tips and tricks on how to maximize the returns from your credits!

• Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions

• Chapter 9: Statute of Limitations Chart

• Chapter 10: Glossary

As you can see from the table of contents: the book packs a huge and powerful punch! Templates and pre-written texts are FANTASTIC; The pages also include ideas to scare your creditors into submission! (A well-written document to the press, for instance, is always a great way to have these sharks back off).

A VIP Facebook Group For All Users!

Welcome to your safe harbor in the storm! At the time of writing, over 31000 real people are using the Facebook group to share tips, get ideas, and cheer each other as they reach their goals!

Today, I spent some time to visit the community and grab a few posts. Names were masked to protect their identity, but once you to join the group you’ll be able to see everything with your eyes! Pretty inspiring stuff, isn’t it?

Before you read the next few lines, take a moment to glance at the pictures above. There’s nothing fake about these! What you see are 100% real posts straight from the VIP group on Facebook. Once you join the family, you too will be able to read what these users have to say!

And now, for my conclusions: this method is the ultimate weapon for credit repair! Forget other books and so-called specialists! If you give it your best and follow the instruction, Smart Money Secret WILL work!

My Advice: What are you waiting for? Get your copy NOW, follow the instructions for a month, come back to this page and tell me how it went! I know you won’t regret your purchase!

One more note: If you get stuck and need an answer to your questions, simply drop me a message below! I’ve already helped more than 100 people! The answers are all there, so you can scroll through the list and find what you’re after!